What is a trading copy service?

A trading copy service allows investors to automatically replicate the trades of experienced traders in their own brokerage accounts. Essentially, it enables clients to mirror the trading activity of selected professionals, known as signal providers or master traders, in real-time.

How does the trading copy process work?

The trading copy process typically involves clients subscribing to a signal provider or master trader whose trading strategies they wish to replicate. Once subscribed, the client's account is linked to the provider's account through a designated platform or software. Trades executed by the provider are then automatically mirrored in the client's account in proportion to their capital allocation settings.

What are the benefits of using a trading copy service?

Access to the expertise of experienced traders without needing to actively trade yourself.
Potential for passive income generation by following successful trading strategies.
Transparency in trade execution and performance tracking.

What are the risks associated with trading copy services?

Loss of capital: As with any investment, there is the risk of losing part or all of your invested capital.
Technical issues: Connectivity problems, platform outages, or execution delays can affect trade replication and result in undesirable outcomes.

Can I customize the trading parameters or risk settings?

Yes, our platform offer customization options allowing clients to adjust parameters such as trade size, risk per trade, and stop-loss levels according to their preferences and risk appetite. However, we don't recommend increasing the risks as our strategy is already fine-tuned.

For a complete walkthrough, please download our user manual.

Is there a minimum capital requirement to use a trading copy service?

The minimum advised capital requirement is 2000$. This will ensure a proper order scaling based on balance and avoid getting uncontrollable drawdowns.

Are there any fees associated with using a trading copy service?

Yes, our trading copy service charge a 20% performance fees.

Can I stop or modify the copied trades at any time?

Yes, clients retain full control over their accounts and can pause, modify, or cease copying trades from signal providers at any time.

What forex broker can I use?

Our strategies are running on RoboForex. Make sure to use our referral link to open an account otherwise your profits won't be maximized.
You can open an account with the broker of your choice but that might result in profits discrepancies.

What type of account can I use?

It's best to use an ECN or Raw spread account.

I already have an account can I use it?

You're free to use your existing accounts, make sure you have the adequate balance before connecting to a strategy.

Can I cancel when I want?

Yes, you manage the service however you want.

Can I withdraw my investment when I want?

If you're using the grid optimizer strategy we recommend disconnecting the account and closing all the trades before withdrawing as this is a round the clock strategy.

Otherwise, for the other strategies, the copier will adjust the orders lot sizing accordingly.