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Automated trading signals

Fully automated prop firm, instant funded accounts trade copier. Open, connect and relax. Watch your account grow.

Trading replica

Fully automated strategies built to work with prop firms

Open an instant funded account with our broker. Open the app, create an account and connect your MT5 account to our strategy. Take your profits every month.

  • 100% Cloud based

    You don't need to run Metatrader on your computer. We take care of everything.

  • No subscriptions

    We only charge 20% fees on profits made. No recurring subscription fees, you cancel when you want.

  • Trades every day

    At least one trade per day. Enjoy a steady growth of your account following prop firms rules.

  • 100% transparent results

    Check our performance strategy on our verified myfxbook. We withdraw profits every month.

Scale your investment

Instant funded accounts to earn right away

Using our broker referral link, invest from 500$ up to 5,000$ and manage an account up to 100,000$.

You'll be able to withdraw your profits 30 days after the first trade, and get your investment back after 60 days.

why choose our service

Minimal investment for maximum return. This could be you!

The money is yours

The initial deposit you make to open an instant funded account is not lost. You can withdraw it after 60 days

Fast & Secure

Our system relies on independent trading platform, Titanium Financial Technology.

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Fair profit share

We only charge 20% fees on the profits made each month. No fixed recurring fees, we only win when you win.

100% Cloud

Not VPS needed, use our app to connect to your MetaTrader account


How it works?

Download the pdf manual and follow each steps to open and connect your account

Open an account

The first step is to open an AMA account on XL Trade operated by Chimara Ltd since 2014.

Complete the subscription steps and make sure you use our referral link.

Choose an instant funded account between 10 000$ and 100 000$.

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Connect your MT5 account

Once you get your MT5 credentials, go over to our trades copy app and create a new account.

Follow each step and configure your account to copy our signals.

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Collect your profits

30 days after your first trade you'll be able to collect your profits.

60 days after your initial deposit you'll be able to withdraw it if you want.

Let your account grow, share your results. Coming soon, onboard new users to get fees discounts!

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100% transparent results

myfxbook account

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Any question, any issue? Email us with all the details at or contact our support team directly on Telegram